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Poor, isolated rural villages of Dap Goc and Thuy Phu

Dap Goc Fishing Village is located in Phu My, Phu Vang District. The population of the village is around 250 people or 50 families, with approximately 200 of them aged over 18. Most families live on boats, and wish to one day own a house on land.

This is difficult, however, as most adults are employed but in unstable seasonal work, predominantly fishing. The average monthly income is 350,000 VND, or NZD$22. Only six adults have completed high school, and while they are able to read words, they must read very slowly.

There are approximately 40 school age children, but many of them face difficulties in gaining a quality education. Schools are around 5-7 kilometres away, and the children must walk there daily. While many are comfortable with reading, about half of the children have no books in their homes. When children leave school they will often travel to Ho Chi Minh City to seek jobs as tailors to help provide extra income for their families. Other issues the village face are lack of sufficient toilets and inadequate healthcare.

Like Dap Goc, Thuy Phu is a fishing village. There are 18 families or 115 people, with 45 people over the age of 18. Most adults are employed, but jobs are unstable and seasonal. The main industries of employment in this area are fishing, sand processing and hired unskilled labour, earning an average weekly income of $200 NZD per month. None of the adults in this area completed high school, and only half can read and write. 40 children live in the area, and one-third have underdeveloped reading and writing skills compared to the average for their age. Other than lack of access to reading materials, the community also faces a lack of secure jobs, lack of sanitation, and a lack of space and housing on land.