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Dap Goc – Tri-ominoes and new books

Today nine children between the ages of 6-13 from Dap Goc Village came to Motorbike Book Club. Our facilitator Le took the session with two volunteers helping her. They began by reading aloud the books  I say “please” and “thank you” and I was so mad. Le explains she... read more

Interviewing Dap Goc Village

Last week the Hearts for Hue team visited Dap Goc Fishing Village in Phu My, Phu Vang District. In this village there are around 250 people (50 families), with approximately 200 of them aged over 18. Most adults are employed but in unstable seasonal work, predominantly fishing. Only 6 adults have completed high school.

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First visit to Thuy Phu Village

Last Friday afternoon the team from Hearts for Hue travelled out to Thuy Phu village to conduct research and further explain how the Motorbike Book Club will work.

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Thuy Phu Village Solar Light Project

Back in 2014 Tamra and her family visited Vietnam and supported the project by Hearts for Hue to bring solar lights to Thuy Phu Village. As it gets dark at around 6pm, lighting is crucial for evening cooking and chores as well as allowing the children to do their school work.

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