How to help

Reading opens worlds - thank you for supporting Motorbike Book Club

Give a book

You can donate a secondhand book, or purchase a new one from our wishlist. Any English books will be translated into Vietnamese by our team in Vietnam.

Give monthly or once-off

Any cash donations go directly towards purchasing materials for the fun activities like pens and paper, motorbike maintenance costs, and paying a small salary to our Book Club Facilitator, Trang. Donations over $5 are tax deductible in New Zealand as we are a registered charity.

Give a hand

Fundraise on our behalf and have a far greater impact at a lower cost to you!

Give once or monthly

14324114_1404030966278149_3568170362423260531_o (1)For $20 a month, you can help make the project hum and even expand. All funds that are donated go towards paying regular fixed costs of the project. These include motorbike maintenance costs, arts and crafts supplies for comprehension activities, new and secondhand books, and a small salary for Trang.

If our target of $350 a month is exceeded, we can start to work towards our dream of expanding into two more villages in need, and even starting a monthly meal with the whole community, to encourage parents to participate more in the programme.

While monthly donations are preferred, one-off donations go a long way towards helping us reach our target.

Our bank account details are:

The Motorbike Book Club Trust | 12-3023-0050573-00 | Charity number: CC53524

Give books

13717277_10208590999866493_5179102046128134002_oNew or secondhand, donated books are very welcome.  All English language picture books are shipped to Vietnam and translated by hand into Vietnamese.



For this reason we ask that all donated books are non-rhyming and have sufficient space on the page to allow a translation alongside the text.

In particular we are looking for books that fit some of the following criteria:

  • Depict life in different cultures and times
  • Have an uplifting, heart-warming or inspiring theme
  • Feature a strong female protagonist
  • Include an element of basic learning, for example describing lifecycles in nature
  • Showcase a wide variety of illustration styles

Please contact us for information on where to send books within New Zealand.  All books are catalogued and covered in plastic before being shipped to Vietnam.

Fundraise for us

14352035_1404031926278053_6989366894104617716_oNot everyone has the means to give money regularly, but maybe you have the time to think up an easy fundraiser that you could run amongst networks.

Bake sales, dinner parties or cleaning drives… You’d be amazed at how much more willing people are to donate if they get something in return.

If you plan a fundraiser for us, we’ll provide you with pamphlets to print out, and a little blurb to help answers questions you may get.

Get in touch now if you want to plan a fundraiser.