Who we are

The Motorbike Book Club began as a seed of an idea in 2014 and was reinvigorated in early 2016 over a birthday lunch between sisters Hayley Morrison and Tamra Ewing while eating lunch in a Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Auckland, New Zealand.

In 2014 Hayley and Tamra bonded over shared time spent together in Vietnam in 2014, when Hayley flew over to visit for a couple of weeks during Tamra’s three month stay with her family. Tamra and Hayley visited and volunteered with some of the projects run by local award-winning charity, Hearts for Hue, and were moved to see families living in such poverty and trying their best to get ahead and create a better life for their children.

Both lovers of books,Tamra and Hayley believe that literacy and reading can open worlds. Literacy empowers and enables education and better employment opportunities. Reading for pleasure develops creativity and imagination, widening horizons and inspiring ambition and dreams.

Hayley and Tamra are both aware of the good fortune to be born into a relatively easy life in New Zealand. With this awareness they wanted to contribute and make a difference in the world in a meaningful way, combining their love of reading with their love of Vietnam.

They are grateful to have partnered Motorbike Book Club with charity Hearts for Hue to implement the project. Sharing ideas and working together has been very rewarding and has fostered the development of a strong long-term partnership.

Our partner organisation


Hearts For Hue is a local NGO in Hue City, Vietnam, working to improve the quality of life of Hue’s resettled boat people with particular attention to children. In 2014, at the inaugural Vietnam NGO Awards 2014, Hearts For Hue was named the winner in its category (small NGO) for good practice in Transparency & Accountability and Resource Mobilization.

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Tamra Ewing

Co-founder, NZ based

Tamra has three children, Summer (15), Harry (5) and Gus (3), and has been to Vietnam 5 times. The first time was in 2006 with Summer to volunteer for ten weeks. That’s when I first met Mr Khanh, the founder of Hearts for Hue. I love everything about Vietnam – the landscape, the people, and the wonderfully different way of living that simultaneously baffles, fascinates, amazes and challenges me. I have a degree in International Communication and enjoy kettlebells and yoga, gardening, reading and tinkering with new ideas and projects.

Hayley Morrison

Co-founder, NZ based
Hayley works at World Vision as a Retention Specialist, and is chipping away at her Masters in International Development. She first travelled to Vietnam in 2014 and since then has had a strong interest in understanding the issues that people living in developing countries face. She’s passionate about literacy as a right in itself and a mechanism for achieving more rights. In her spare time she loves running, baking, bushwalking and hanging with friends.

Summer Fell

Support, NZ based

Summer Fell has been to Vietnam four times. Each time, she and her mum have volunteered in orphanages in Hue city, and loved spending time in such a vibrant environment. She’s currently in Year 12 at Eden Christian Academy. In her spare time she likes to read, hang out with her friends, and play with her two younger brothers.

Isabell Evans

Project Manager, based in Vietnam

Isabell is the Project Management Officer at Hearts for Hue. She is an Australian volunteer from the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) Program, an Australian Government initiative. Isabell will be at Hearts for Hue until February 2017, with the task of building the organisation’s project management processes and capacity. Isabell is keen to be a part of the Motorbike Book Club project, helping to ensure the set-up and management of the project is as organised and smooth as possible in order to reap maximum rewards for the local Hue community. With a background in developing inclusive and equitable communities, Isabell is excited to see this project provide learning opportunities and safe spaces for both children and their parents.

Thanh Lễ

Motorbike Book Club Facilitator, based in Vietnam

My name is Thanh Lễ, I’m 21. I’m an intern for Hearts for Hue (H4H). I was born in Hue, a city famous for The Citadel and Tombs. I’m kind of gentle, optimistic and an active girl. In my free time, I like to read, watch movies, hang out with my friends sometimes I practice dance.

Two years ago I used to be a volunteer for Education Support Programme for children in Thuy Phu, that program was organized by H4H. I loved the children there at the first day I met them. I taught them some subjects like math, literature,… played with them. Now I’m so glad when I can come back Thuy Phu as well as another village to help poor children.